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By building wealth even without directly handling client funds, we enrich SSPN started out with the simple intention of bridging the gap between what was and what could be. A simple goal that has created and nurtured a unique equity Investment Advisory ecosystem, backed by the timeless concepts of trust and transparency. The core of Investment Advisory is that we provide you with investment advice based on our research but don't actually handle your finances. That freedom stays solely with you.


Everybody's financial goals are different. This means a "one size fits all" strategy does not work. With PMS, we offer plans to align with your investment goals. With PMS, you can simply breathe while we work towards putting together a strategy that aims at wealth generation!

As we look at your financial goals and needs, we present you with three investment approaches

Vision Strategy 

We use a high conviction, bottom-up approach that aims to generate alpha for our clients. The investment approach aims to select companies that show volume growth across all cycles, with strong balance sheets and owners’ skin in the game.

Diversified Strategy 

In this approach we aim to create a diversified portfolio with strong fundamentals that are market cap and sector agnostic.

Dynamic Midcap Strategy 

We aim to create a well-diversified and actively managed portfolio consisting of 18-20 securities in the Midcap segment, with weights to each security aligned to the valuation and risk-reward metrics for the stock.


We are providing all king of advisory/assistance for MSME IPO from beginning to till listed in Exchange.


SSPN Help their clients for all kinds of financing through financial institution and private financer.

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