About us


Our Vision

To be India’s trusted financial services provider to over 1 million customers by 2025.

Our Mission

To provide affordable and accessible financial services that are process-centric, technology-enabled and people-oriented.

A Semi-Urban & Rural area Focused NBFC

SSPN Finance Ltd. is a Semi-Urban and Rural area focused Microfinance Company. SSPN Finance is working dedicatedly towards offering micro to small ticket sized secured and unsecured loans to help small vendors and small business owners.

SSPN Finance also caters to the wide range of clients opting to buy households, white goods, electronics, automobiles, etc. up to a specified ticket size. Moving forward the company is planning to provide loan against salary and medium ticket size business loans. This will be mainly catered to the large unbanked population of India.

Our Management

We are focused on semi urban and rural area for Microfinance Contact Us